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MOMO Wheels

Momo Wheels is one of the pioneers of the rim game and nothings changed. Their company is one that is built on true motorsport history Ė but more importantly motorsport participation. And while the custom wheel market has been flooded with knock off wheels and fly-by-night companies, Momo has a solid reputation that sets itself from the rest. It shows in their quality and itís truly evident in their designs.

Momo was perhaps one of the first companies to perfect the traditional 5-spoke designs and far before any company claimed to have invented super deep lips, Momo had already done it in the early 90ís with the Momo Quasar.

Their wheels are remarkable, and their achievements notable but at the end of the day Momo has set itself apart from the rest by sheer accomplishment and not ability to market. But Momo didnít start off as a wheel company. As a matter of fact, they started by making steering wheels and after years of perfecting the craft, the success of MOMO products let to the creation of a separate division, MOMO DESIGN, in 1982, and in 1983 MOMO CORSE started up, specializing in the production and distribution of high technology racing accessories.

MOMO's road wheel production facility is ISO 9001 quality certified. MOMO road wheels are tested to rigorous standards including TUV, JWL-VIA and SAE J2530 assuring the consumer the highest quality product available.

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