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Nardi Shift Knobs nardi shifter knob

Nardi is widely known for its established reputation as a steering wheel & Shift knob manufacturer of the highest quality. With a history that spans over 70 years, Nardi has been supplying their brand products not only to the world's leading automakers but also to racing enthusiasts worldwide. The company has made considerable investments in past and recent years to consolidate itself with a reputation second to none. Nardi designers and engineers collaborate using state-of-the-art technology, to ensure optimized ergonomics, comfort and reliability. Yet the level of craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing process is still, in fact, very much a traditional process where every steering wheel is assembled and finished by highly skilled artisans.  
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NRG Shift Knobs

NRG Shift Knobs improve the overall look of the interior of the vehicle while providing some performance gain. Different shapes of the knob are ergonomically correct depending on shifting style. Weighted aluminum construction improves shifting by increasing inertial weight in order to allow shifter to more smoothly and quickly engage into the gear box.  
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MOMO Shift Knobs

MOMO Shift Knobs are best crafted shifter knobs available in the world. Designed and hand crafted of only the highest grade  leather, wood and aluminum, MOMO Shift Knobs can actually enhance your car driving experience. Crowder's Automotive Customizing offers many styles for you to choose from. Once you place your order securely on our site, MOMO Shift Knob is shipped by USPS,UPS, DSL or FedEx Ground. Shipments are usually received by our customers 4-10 business days after the product is purchased on-line.
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ISOTTA Shift Knobs

ISOTTA shift knobs are precision crafted in Italy using only the finest materials. Compared to cheap knock-offs, ISOTTA knobs are designed to last the life of your vehicle and offer a perfectly weighted feel for precise shifting. Each ISOTTA knob is engineered and tested to provide a comfortable grip for any size hand.
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