Nardi Steering Wheel - Two Spokes - 330mm (12.99 inches) - Black Perforated Leather with White Spokes - Part # 6001.33.3000

Nardi Steering Wheel - Two Spokes - 330mm (12.99 inches) - Black Perforated Leather with White Spokes - Part # 6001.33.3000

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Nardi Steering Wheel - Two Spokes - 330mm - Black Perforated Leather - Part # 6001.33.3000

The Two Spokes represents a big revolution among the steering wheels for both concept and use: in fact the big crown disappears and the shape is totally new!

Thanks to this new design, the view of the cockpit is not hidden anymore and the internal space for the legs grows considerably.

The frame is made of two simple spokes (from which the name) which design reminds the shape of classical wooden steering wheels which have characterized Nardi's trademark history.

At the end of the spokes there are two handles, covered by soft leather, that remind the airplanes cloches.

The invention is based on the fact that this two handles are free to move and turn around on their own axle, as they are connected with the steering wheel with balls bearing.

The feeling with this product is immediate: if it is true that you can drive the car with a single hand, it is also true that this creation increases security both in a challenging and in a relaxed drive: the driver is, in fact, obliged to have both hands on the steering wheel and, last but not least, at the right position of 9:15!

Evolutions of this new wheel could be innumerable.

The curiosity increases... and a new way to taste the pleasure of driving rises, with Nardi's tradition, innovation and precision!

  • Brand new in factory box with all hardware. Installs with a Nardi steering wheel adapter [ hub ] which can be bought separately from our store. All the instructions and hardware are included with this product, including the horn button.
  • The Nardi signature is engraved in the spoke.
  • Nardi was the first company in the world to understand the effective contribution steering wheel design could make to car control. While leading the way with their refined tasteful styling, they continue to innovate, delivering steering wheels that meet the highest of driver demands.
  • We only sell 100% Genuine Nardi-Personal Steering Wheels imported direct from Nardi-Personal in Italy. Since May 1st, 2012, Nardi has included serial numbers and certificates of authenticity for their products. You can now register your product online using the serial number and security code beneath the scratch card on the certificate to verify the steering wheel is genuine by going to Nardi's verification link here:

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